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3000 Cashell Wood Drive, Cedar Park, Austin, Texas, 78613.

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Homero Roman   
El Presidente
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Hello and welcome to my Company website. My name is Homero Roman (D.O.B. 11/30/1961) and I am President of the imaginatively named "Homero's Floor and Tile Company" (Texas SOS File number 0800819099). We pride ourselves on being a flooring and tiling contractor that is run by paedophiles for paedophiles, or "minor-attracted persons" as we prefer to identify as. We have been in business in the Austin area of Texas since May 2007 and are experienced in all aspects of flooring and tiling. Our rates are also extremely reasonable due to the fact that we mostly employ illegal immigrants from Latin America.

So if you are a minor-attracted person and want the safety of working with and being around like-minded people, give Homero's Floor and Tile Company a call next time. Contact us on the following telephone numbers: (512) 426-4669 / (512) 964-6203 or call round at my home anytime. We are always non-judgemental and discreet! 😉


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